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Edge Wrangler

EdgeWranglers protect steel coil slit edges during transport.  When properly secured they also add stability of unitized upright slit coils during truck, rail or barge transportation and/or storage.  EdgeWranglers must be secured at the top of the unitized load with a properly rated chain routed through the eye of the coils in a choked fashion.  Ratchet Binders must be used to create maximum chain tension.   Includes Safety Pins (w/lanyards) and a Red powder coat finish.   Each individual EdgeWrangler weighs approximately 25 lbs, sold in pairs (50 lbs).  Free Shipping to lower 48 states.

Built in the USA.


 Imposes 90° corners when properly secured with Chains and Ratchet Binders in a choking fashion.


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With EdgeWranglers

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